If we work together, your website can be up and running within a week. We try to carry out a simple, four-stage process to get your website live. This process is outlined below:

Stage One

The first step is the most important one. We sit down with you over a coffee and get to undertand your business. This enables us to get a thorough understanding of your business and to establish exactly what you want from your website.

We will also come up with what pages you want on your website from this meeting, with a general idea of how you want each page to look. Nothing is set in stone here though...

Stage Two - HaltonWeb

Using the information gathered from stage one, we will build your website for you. All websites that HaltonWeb create are dynamic, meaning that we also build an Admin Section so that you can update your website going forward.

While we are building the full website, we create a temporary page so that if anybody visits your website whilst it is being created, they will see a "Coming Soon" message and your contact details.

Stage Two - You

While we are building your website, you should be thinking about exactly what you want on each page. This can range from text that may be going on each page to collating images that you may also want.

Stage Three

We will then have another sit down over a coffee and show you the website that we have created. This is your opportunity to make changes to the structure of the website should you wish.

You can then let us know exactly what you want on each page which will enable us to complete the website for you.

Stage Four

Your website is now complete! However this is not the end of the road for us. We will sit down again with you and show you exactly how to update your website. We will also set up your email accounts for you if you wish!

We are also just at the end of the telephone, so if you have any queries from this point on, just telephone and ask us!